is the website of three officially authorized tour guides for Florence and its Province. We invite you to come with us to discover the multitude of treasures of our unique city and its surrounding territory, vouching to put all our professional knowledge, and our love and passion for this part of Italy, in getting you acquainted with it. We will plan your itinerary with you, to make it to measure to your own requirements or preferences, helping you to select from the immense list of attractions those which most appeal to you and choosing the best ways to explore them: history and art, examples of tradition in gracious living, samples of contemporary creativity, the many facets of cultural life, from performing arts to fashion and life style innovations. On foot, in a car, and in combinations thereof.

Truly few places in this world harbour such a quantity of treasures in such a limited space as is the case with the historical centre of Florence, Unesco designated protected World Heritage.

It is considered that all of Italy holds nearly two thirds of global art treasures. Of those, Florence holds more than ten percent, among them the largest number of Michelangelo’s works, and of Botticelli and Raffaello paintings. Its museums and its churches are visited by millions of visitors every year.

Apart from the riches in fine arts and its invaluable architectural monuments, Florence is intensely alive in her elegant restaurants and her cheerful trattorias, in her bars, and her glorious shopping streets on both sides of the river, full of artistic laboratories of her craftsmen, and the big and small stores offering locally hand-made wares.

It is our ambition to take you on the discovery tour of these points of interest, giving you all the necessary information about them and helping you to absorb as much as possible of your stay in Florence, that your time and energy will allow you. Welcome to Florence, and welcome to:

“One doesn’t come to Italy for niceness, was the retort;
one comes for life. Buon giorno! Buon giorno!”
E. M. Forster

Why should you rely on our, or on anyone else’s help?

  • Because the quantity of things that are a must to see is so enormous, that you need someone to help you select at least the absolute musts.

  • If you’re not a newcomer in Florence, even so there remains so much extra to be seen, and a helping hand of a knowledgeable insider will guide you to choose better what else to see, and how best to fit all your plans into your itinerary. A guide will save you time, because capable of booking visits that require long queing, thus sparing you from long waits, so inevitable in front of all major museums. A guide’s time-saving contributions are equally precious in organising your shopping, especially if you are looking for a given type of merchandise, or wishing to eat at specific restaurants, or book for particular events.

  • Florence has a thick agenda of events of all kinds, from various cultural happenings, to theatre performances and concerts, to exhibitions and fashionable, mundane gatherings, all of which require plenty of logistics and choreography, and an insider will help you to be aware of and to assist those events that you’re most interested in.

  • After all, you’re supposed to be on holiday, and the first thing you should leave aside is stress over planning and managing your precious holiday time.

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