The three of us share the same passion for Florence, the World Capital of Art. We have become personal friends after having studied together, and at length, about the inestimable historical and artistic treasures of our city. We have put our years of studying history and art into our common professional activity: now we transfer our knowledge to those visitors wishing to experience Florence in the fullest possible way. If you choose to follow us, we will make sure that you get acquainted with our home ground well above your expectations. By the way the three circles in our logo are a hommage to the divine Michelangelo, who used those symbols to mark the blocks of marble he chose for his sculptures.

It is our belief that what distinguishes one place from another is its unique spirit. The famous British author, Lawrence Durrell, who has written so much and brilliantly about living in places, maintained that the important determinant of any culture is the spirit of place.

It is something that can be savoured through tasting the wines and cheeses, but it can equally so be absorbed through the vibrations of human beings living in and carrying that culture, so to say. The lives we all live here are impregnated with the genius loci of Florence, and it is that elusive element of distinction that we hope and aim to transmit to you.

Apart from our specialised education in history and art, it is our active daily life in this creative community that helps us gain elements of information to offer to you, our clients, many of whom wish to consider themselves as temporary residents, rather than visitors. Traditions and customs, food and wine and culinary art, fashion and craftsmanship, all of those are ingredients of our culture, which deeply influence and colour the spirit of the place we inhabit. It is a living matter, a work-in-progress experience, which we wish to share with you. We will not be satisfied with just helping you expand your knowledge and understanding of Florence and its territory with data about the past; we would very much like to open your eyes on the present as well, so you could savour it fully.

Chiara Patu

Official Tour Leader
Official Tour Guide Florence & District
Italiano, English, Français

Official tour Guide for Florence and tour leader for Tuscany. I found myself in this job thanks to my love for the arts and for foreign languages, additionally helped by my natural ease in communicating. I am not only born in Florence, Florence is my world, in which I live and in which I feel alive. To be born and raised in Florence represents a special opportunity in life, and my interest in the arts was an automatic choice for me, the one which inevitably became the focus of my professional activity. Nowadays I receive an extra reward for my work each time I realize that I have conveyed to a visitor some of my knowledge and feelings for Florence. Looking forward to meeting you then.

Lucia Lazic

Official Tour Guide Florence & District
Italiano, English, Español, Hrvatski, Srpski, Português

I was not born in Florence, but rather in another World Heritage location, in Dubrovnik, a maritime city-state across the Adriatic sea, which had many dealing with Florence throughout its millenary history. Thus, I too, was marked by the unique atmosphere of a very beautiful town, full of historical monuments and art treasures. It was therefore inevitable that I should want to see the World Capital of Art and the crib of Western Civilisation as we know it, and certainly not surprising that I should elect to settle and live in it. Before coming to Florence I have spent several years between London, Germany and Spain, studying various subjects. Being particularly interested in History, History of Religion and Anthropology, I have chosen to complete my education in Florence studying its history. Nowadays my favourite and most fascinating subject is to research and explore how art adapts to social changes with the passage of time. Florence inspires endlessly, and in so many ways. I have got married in Florence and I’m raising my children here. Florence has changed my life, and I am grateful for every emotion that its riches and its beauty, its refined elegance and its unique spirit have given me over the past twenty years. I wish that everyone would experience the love for Florence the way I do.

Serena Barbetta

Official Tour Guide Florence & District
Italiano, English, Español, Português

I feel the pride of a full-blooded Florentine and I present myself as such, although I wasn’t born and baptised at St. John’s Baptistry but I was indeed raised and educated in Florence. For a period of time I have lived abroad, working as a conference and event organizer, until my nostalgia for Florence summoned me back.
I was outright fascinated by my return to the roots, as I started rediscovering the uniqueness of the environment in which I grew up. I decided that my enjoyment was too much to keep just for myself and that’s why I chose to become a tour guide. I carry Florence both in my pocket and in my heart. I love to present it not only to those who come to see it for the first time, but also and especially to those who have already seen it.

“Beauty: the adjustment of all parts proportionately
so that one cannot add or subtract or change
without impairing the harmony of the whole.” 
Leon Battista Alberti

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