We will be pleased to customise our tours to meet your specific needs and requirements. Our aim is to offer the pleasure of discovering Florence through tailor-made itineraries. We will put the accent on those aspects of art treasures or periods of history which you are most interested in. If you like secrets or mysteries, we’ll take you to the sites which have such history, from the famed town squares to the most remote alleys. If it should interest you, we will tell you the anecdotes, and small and great stories which have occurred in various palaces, monasteries, and other locations throughout Florence.

The choice of things to see and do is endless. We have selected a few examples of itineraries that will cover at least one part of each and everyone’s list of ‘musts”. This is merely an input for your orientation, to guide you in deciding what exactly you want to do.

One Day in Florence

This program aims to satisfy an art lover who has one day to dedicate to the discovery of the most important sights. A full day walk which includes visits to the Uffizi and Accademia Museums and to the most important institutions of religious and secular power.

Classical walking tour

Walk amidst the most magnificent sights of Florence and listen to its history.

Florentine Palazzi: an architectural tour

This tour explores the evolution of civil architecture over the centuries: from high and narrow medieval towers to the stately shapes of noble palaces of the Renaissance, commissioned by the richest families of the period, designed by the most famous architect of the day. The Florentine palazzi tour includes a visit to the Palazzo Davanzati, known as the ancient Florentine house museum Medici, and to the Palazzo Medici a Renaissance palace designed by Michelozzo and famous for the breathtaking Chapel of the Magi.
The tour lasts approximately 4hour.

The Medici, their city and their palaces, their church and the family mausoleum

The family which has reigned over Florence for over three centuries deserves to be better known. We will look at their residences and their collections and following their relationship with their constituents we will retrace the most significant phases of the rise of this important European dynasty/family.

Discover Florence’s other Riverbank

The left bank of the Arno River offers more of an authentic Florentine atmosphere, because more frequented by local artists and craftsmen who work here and who in their shops and studios produce high quality wares made of every imaginable material. A permanent exhibition of the best of Made in Florence.

Following Michelangelo’s footsteps

This tour is an homage to the greatest artist of all times- Michelangelo Buonarotti. It has been designed to depict a comprehensive picture of the artist’s life, visiting the places he grew up in as a child and those he frequented as a young man. His minor works will also be examined.

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